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Cyber Terrorist Of The Week

We associate cyber terrorists with shadowy figures working on behalf of governments trying to make life difficult for ourselves or bored teenagers with too much time and technical know-how on their hands. The cyber terrorist who brought down the broadband service in the Welsh village of Aberhosan without fail at 7am for eighteen months had a decidedly retro feel about them, though.

The sudden burst of electrical interference that occurred like clockwork each morning perplexed the experts and broadband providers – there may be a difference. Extensive tests were carried out and even part of the cabling was replaced.

The problem, it seems, was what experts call SHINE or, to you and me, single high-level impulse noise, which testers tracked down to a particular property in the village. It is heart warming to hear of a track and trace success.

Further investigation revealed that the sophisticated equipment the hacker was using to bring down Aberhosan’s digital connection with the outside world was an old television set which the elderly resident switched on in the morning for a bit of company and background noise. A case of rise and shine, perhaps. Old people, eh?

Since the unnamed culprit has agreed never to switch it on again, broadband connection has been as right as rain.

To add to the villagers’ delight, they are moving on to fibre cabling later in the year.