Car Boot Of The Week

For some Scots the introduction in May of a 50p minimum price per unit of alcohol is a bitter pill to swallow. Some are content to shrug their shoulders and get on with it but others are more enterprising.

Take Craig Mitchell from Yoker in Glasgow. His favourite tipple is Hawksridge Cider – me, neither – and he was horrified to find that a two-litre bottle had jumped in price from £2.15 to £5.75. Showing the spirit that made the Scots inveterate explorers he decided to take a 300-mile round trip in his car to terra incognita or as we Sassenachs call it, Asda in Carlisle.

On arrival at the store there, he bought around fifty bottles of the cider, saving himself around £180 in the process. Storage may have been a problem but one of his mates has offered some space in a garage – I bet he did. I hope Craig’s stock control system is up to scratch.

Even allowing for the cost of travel, Craig has saved some money but the greater satisfaction, surely, is bucking the system.

As Theresa May will tell you, borders are tricky things.

Talking of travelling a long way to make a point, if I had known it in time I would have made a trip last Saturday to visit the Alexandra Hotel in Derby where landlady, Anna Dyson-Edge, introduced a Royal Wedding free zone. Anyone talking about the nuptials was asked to contribute to a swear-box, the proceeds of which are going to a local charity.

Instead, I contented myself with commemorating the 479th anniversary of the beheading of Anne Boleyn, an omen if there ever was one!