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Hearse Of The Week

With quieter, more environmentally conscious funerals becoming increasingly popular and on trend, Parisian undertaker, Isabelle Plumereau, believes she has the perfect solution to the problem of how to convey the coffin in a greener way. She is hoping to launch Paris’ first bicycle hearse service.

Using a specially designed cargo bike made of lightwood and black in colour, adapted to meet French regulations, she believes it will offer a more down to earth pace to the funeral cortege. “Everyone walks at the same pace [behind it]”, she enthuses, “and we hear each other, we hear the sounds of nature around us, the wind in the trees, the birds. In my view, this is the best way to console yourself”.

She is now waiting for the green light from her insurers before launching the service in earnest. Several countries, including Switzerland and Denmark, already have bicycle hearse services.

It might just catch on.