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Verdict Of The Week


To many of us obscenity laws are unfathomable and present barriers which activists are keen to penetrate. Take the vagina. It is an anatomical fact of life but some “artists” are keen to wave it in our faces.

One such, Japanese “artist” Megumi Igarashi aka Rokudenashiko, came to my attention this week. She produced a brightly coloured sculpture of a kayak which was based on the shape of her vagina. She also very helpfully distributed data which with the aid of a 3D printer would faithfully produce a model of her fanny. Inevitably she had her collar felt and came up before the Japanese beak, charged with breaking Japan’s obscenity laws which ban the display of genitalia.

The judge ruled that the sculpture with its bright colours and decorations – I will resist the obvious joke about crabs – sufficiently disguised the original as to be within the spirit of the law. However, the data, which had no discernible shape other than la Igarashi’s vagina was obscene and so he fined her 400,000 yen.

Glad we’ve got that one sorted out. Perhaps, after the runaway success of Boaty McBoatface, alas ignored by the Natural Environment Research Centre in favour of Sir David Attenborough, she should launch an on-line poll to name her craft.

Democratic Moment Of The Week


It was Winston Churchill who said the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. The pragmatic politician – and we have not had one of those for some time – would only hold a vote they knew they were going to win. But there is a new mood abroad where voters seem increasingly eager to demonstrate their anarchic tendency aka inherent stupidity.

The latest victim of this trend is the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) who have a new multi-million pound research vessel. Some bright spark thought it would be a good wheeze to ask the public via the world-wide web to suggest and vote on a name for it. It has worked from a publicity perspective – the NERC has emerged from its erstwhile worthy obscurity – but they must have been taken aback by the frontrunner in the poll. Instead of some anodyne but safe as houses name like the Endeavour or the Sir David Attenborough, there is a tidal wave of support for Boaty McBoatface.

Fortunately, the NERC had the good sense to bury in the terms and conditions of the exercise that they were not obligated to accept the winning entry. Now why didn’t the Republicans think of that?