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Burglar Of The Week (2)

I’m no expert on these matters but it is probably not a great idea to have to call the emergency services when you are in the middle of burgling a property.

Frederick Moulton was in the process of breaking and entering a property in Groundwell Road in Swindon by climbing through a window. Unfortunately, his leg got stuck and finding himself hanging upside down he had no option other than to call the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service.

They duly turned up and freed the red-faced burglar. To add to Frederick’s discomfort, though, they were accompanied by officers from Wiltshire Police who proceeded to feel his collar. Up before the beak, he pleaded guilty to burglary at the empty property and possession of a class B drug, for which he received an 18-month community order as well as having to pay a £95 victim surcharge and £85 prosecution costs.

It should have been a suspended sentence!