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Covid-19 Tales (18)

The pandemic may curtail human activities, but animals still do what animals do. The herd of 75 cows at the Citeaux Abbey, just south of Dijon, still keep chomping on the grass and need to be milked. The enterprising Cistercian monks turn the milk into award-winning raw-milk, semi-soft disks of a refined creamy cheese in the Reblochon style. These are then sold on to restaurants or customers who visit their shop on the abbey grounds. It goes well on a tartiflette, I’m told.  

Since the pandemic struck, the monks have found that they had 2.8 tonnes of unwanted cheese on their hands, equating to about 4,000 cheeses. It was a growing and potentially stinky problem.

Calling upon divine inspiration or rather an internet start-up called Divine Box, which aims to help monastic institutions break into the world of internet trading, they have begun marketing the cheese on-line. The minimum order is two wheels of cheese costing €23.

Astonishingly, 2006.9 kilos of cheese were ordered within twenty-four hours, cleaning the monks out. More cheese will be available for sale on April13th, but hurry as they will fly off the virtual shelves.

The Lord truly moves in mysterious ways.

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