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Ingenuity Of The Week


These are perilous times. What with austerity cuts, our defences are down to the bone. It is worth repeating, though, that at times like these English ingenuity is still alive and well.

Eccentric inventor Colin Furze from Stamford in Lincolnshire is preparing to unleash what is described as a giant fart machine. Housed in a huge pair of specially constructed buttocks and using the same sort of jet thruster that powered the German V1 flying bombs, Furze was aiming to let rip from the white cliffs of Dover on Thursday evening, anticipating that the noise and the flash – the machine apparently glows like the sun – will be heard and seen across La Manche.

Should be enough to put the wind up any potential invader, I would have thought.

I can’t help noticing the similarity of the inventor’s surname to the German for fart, furz. Spooky or what?