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Competition Of The Week

The good news element of this story is that Manchester City Council have just invested £960,000 in eight salt spreaders as part of their on-going commitment to keep their 435 miles of road as snow and ice free as possible.

The story goes downhill from there as for some unaccountable they not only decided to name each of the vehicles but also, via Twitter (natch) invited the great and good of Manchester to nominate suitable names.

Mancunians, noted for their razor sharp with and repartee as they are, responded in their droves, coming up with over 2,000 suggestions. These were whittled down to 24 and then put to the public to choose the final eight.

The winners, in no particular order, were: Basil Salty, Grit Astley, Gritter Thunberg, Slushay Away, Snowbi-Gone Kenobi, Snowel Gallagher, Spreaddie Flintoff, and Spreaddie Mercury. The new lorries will have their names emblazoned on them.  

My faith in democracy is waning as every day goes by.