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Belly Of The Week

The government has announced an obesity drive and it makes sense, I suppose, that we should aspire to get into a shape that does not resemble a barrel. Sometimes, though, a protruding stomach comes in handy as a 28-year-old Chinese man, named as Liu from Fuliudian Village in Henan Province found.

He stepped on some wooden boarding that covered a well at his family’s property. Because of his weight the wood gave way and Liu tumbled into the well. Fortunately, though, Liu was blessed with a Buddha-like belly and found himself wedged in the well, upper torso above ground.

It took at least five firefighters and a strong rope to extract him from his predicament. Liu was patience personified, remaining calm with arms crossed throughout his ordeal.

He was uninjured and, I would imagine, not eager to go on a diet.