Restaurant Of The Week (2)

What’s in a name?

If you are opening a new restaurant in these recessionary times, you need to have a great product. And what better way to grab the attention of prospective punters than by coming up with a catchy name.

This was presumably what Isabelle Jolie, the owner of a soon to be opened Vietnamese restaurant in Keene, New Hampshire, thought.

Playing on the name of a favourite soup of mine from the region and the name of the town, she came up with Pho Keene Great restaurant. Rather good, I thought.

But an almighty stushie has broken out.

The Keene city manager, the aptly named Elizabeth Dragon, claimed that it sounded like a profanity and, in any case, Jolie hadn’t asked permission to erect her sign.

Bowing to pressure, Jolie has removed the sign and the two sides are due to meet to resolve the spat, perhaps over a bowl of pho.

Still, every cloud has a silver lining and Jolie is selling Pho Keene Great tee-shirts on-line ,yours for $24.99.

Next thing we know, she will have added Gordon Ramsay to the mix.