Bender Of The Week (8)

On New Year’s Eve there is a strong temptation to overdo the electric sauce a little. Usually, such over indulgence results in a thick head and a resolution not to drink so much in future. But occasionally, as this story of strange goings on in Waukesha in Wisconsin shows, events can take an unexpected turn.

Lynn Sarver was somewhat discombobulated on the morning of New Year’s Day when she went downstairs and found a man fast asleep in the dog basket with her 150 lb Mastiff, Benson. The man, described as “heavily intoxicated” and had wandered “accidentally into the wrong residence” after a rather enthusiastic celebration of the end of 2018, probably through an unlocked side door.

On being roused, Lynn had by this time called the police, he had no idea where he was or how he had ended up sleeping with the dog.

Rather magnanimously. Showing that it is truly the season of goodwill to all men, Lynn decided not to press charges and the man eventually meandered his way home.

Moral of the story – keep all your doors locked!