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Advice Of The Week (6)

The Department of Public Safety in Minnesota has just launched a clear plastic pouch for drivers to store their licence and insurance details in. Called rather clunkily a “Not-Reaching Pouch” it is intended to be fixed to an air vent or any other visible spot in the vehicle.

It is not part of a drive on the part of the authorities to improve the organisational abilities and tidiness of their denizens. Rather it is to stop them from being plugged full of lead.

Apparently, the concern is that the first reaction of the police, when they have stopped a vehicle for an alleged traffic offence and see the driver reach down into the glove department in a frantic search for their documents, is to open fire, assuming that they are looking for a firearm.

It may just work but I cannot help thinking that they are looking at the problem from the wrong end of the barrel of a gun.   

Details of the pouch can be found here: