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Museum Of The Week

If you are looking for a reason to visit the Japanese city of Yokohama, it is a port, after all, then the opening of the Unko Museum on 15th March may just be it.

Unko, you see, is Japanese for poo and the museum is dedicated to all things fecal but in a nice way. You won’t find the real deal on display there, just tasteful emoji of turds in rather fetching pastel shades.

It even boasts its own mascot, Unberuto, a walking pile of turds carrying, somewhat bizarrely, its own toilet. Quite what the subliminal message is there is beyond my ken.

For ardent selfie takers, you have the opportunity to take as many shots as you want standing amongst the exhibits. Click bait, guaranteed.

But you had better hurry because the museum is only going to be open for four months. You can’t have too much of a good thing.

Bizarrely, it is not the first such museum. The Museo della Merda, in Lombardy, opened its doors in 2015 and is still going strong. As an added bonus, all the artefacts for sale there are made out of cow dung.

The Japanese have some catching up to do.