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Mastication Advice Of The Week

Ever since I was a small child, I had it drummed into me that I should eat with my mouth closed and, indeed, there is nothing more off-putting at the dining table than seeing someone move a bolus around their mouth. However, according to a team of researchers at Oxford University led by Charles Spence, in being sensitive to the sensibilities of others we have been depriving ourselves of some of the pleasures to be derived from our meal.  

Chewing with your mouth open, he claims, allows the volatile organic compounds that create aromas and contribute to the taste of the food to reach the back of the nose which stimulates cells responsible for our sense of smell. An enhanced flavour profile adds to our enjoyment of our food as does improving its sound profile. The satisfying crunch of an apple can be enhanced by eating with our mouths open and attacking food with our hands also allows us to appreciate the tactile qualities of foods and to heighten our anticipation of what they will sound and taste like, Spence claims.

There may be something in it, but, as far as I am concerned, it is advice to be followed when dining solo. I wonder just how many dinner invitations Spence has lost since the report came out.