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Burger Of The Week

It’s hard enough coming up with a new type of burger without having to fend off attacks from the Big Mac of burger chains, McDonalds.

About six months or so ago, Woodshed Burgers in Edmonton in Canada introduced a new item to their menu, nattily entitled Effing Filet O’Fish, a combination of a cod burger with coleslaw and red onions. Effing, as well as intended to be mildly cheeky – these Canadians, what are they like? – also references the name of their seafood suppliers, Effing Seafood.

Served with homemade buns and condiments, it has begun to make some waves with their customers, selling around 30 or so a week.

Chef, Paul Shufelt, was somewhat surprised the other week to receive a letter from solicitors representing McDonalds, demanding that he pulled his burger because it was “likely to cause confusion among consumers” and could “diminish and dilute the strength of McDonald’s trademark”. Apparently, they have their own Filet-O-Fish, the effing supplied when the consumer bites into it.

Shufelt has duly complied, not wanting to get into a time consuming and costly legal battle, but has hit back by launching and trademarking a new fish burger. It is the McEffing Fish Filet and comes with a warning to consumer not to confuse it with the McDonalds Filet-O-Fish.

As if you would.