Takeaway Of The Week


There are two problems with collecting a takeaway. The first is how to stop the smell lingering in your car and the second is how you make sure that it is still warm enough to eat by the time you get home.

Lee Rutherford thought he had cracked the second problem when he collected his McDonald’s repast in the Blyth area of Northumberland and drove home in his souped-up Renault Clio. Unfortunately, he came to the police’s attention, I read this week, when he was clocked driving at 129 miles per hour along the A189.

He had his collar felt, claiming, not unreasonably, that he was travelling at speed to ensure that his burger and chips were warm when he got home. But the beak was having nothing of it and Rutherford had his chips, copping a 20 week suspended sentence for dangerous driving and being economical with the actualite with his insurance company over the conversion of his motor and getting a whopper of a fine totalling £1,120.

Rutherford has since sold his Clio. Whether he has given up Big Macs is unclear. A cautionary tale for us all, I think.