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Teaching Aid Of The Week

For children of a certain age, there is an irresistible fascination with the word poo. Parents and relatives react with shock when their little darlings use the word inappropriately whereas the kids find doing so highly amusing. But instead of feigning shock and surprise, wouldn’t it be a good idea to harness the young’s interest in matters scatological into something positive?

Well, this was the reasoning of publisher, Shuji Yamamoto, who, I learned this week, has developed a series of books around a character called Professor Poo  – a spectacle wearing, moustachioed turd. The books have been flying off the shelves like shit off a shovel – some 1.83m copies have been sold since March.

The books feature various exercises called Unko Kanji Doriru (poo kanji drill) and are designed to put some fun into the balls-aching work of memorising over two thousand kanji characters. Each sentence the children learn includes the word poo and this novel approach appears to be a hit with students and parents alike.

School wasn’t that much fun in my day!