Beach Of The Week

Here’s an example of taking away with one hand and giving with the other. I learned this week that the gloriously named Dooagh sands are back, having been swept into the wilds of the Atlantic Ocean in 1984. The loss of the sands – Grahame Greene wrote Heart of the Matter there and Angela Lansbury holidayed at the resort as a child – was catastrophic for the local community, causing its hotels and, more recently, its local shop to close.

Unusually strong northerly winds have deposited hundreds of thousands of tons of sand on to what was previously a rocky stretch of coast line on Achill Island in County Mayo in Ireland. The beach has previous for disappearing and returning, vanishing in the 1890s only to be restored to its full glory forty years later.

How long this incarnation will hang around is anyone’ guess but the 2,500 residents of Achill Island hope it will be there in time to be awarded blue-flag beach status.

If you want to visit it, get there quick is my advice!