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Scone Of The Week

Belated congratulations to Sarah Merker from Isleworth who recently completed her mission of tasting a scone at each of the UK’s 244 National trust sites that have catering facilities. Having become a member in 2013 she set herself a goal to ensure that she got full value from her membership fee. She reviewed and rated each on a blog[1]

She certainly got her teeth stuck into the task, an odyssey that took on special poignancy after her husband, Peter, died of cancer in 2018. The final scone was tasted in Northern Ireland, at the Giant’s Causeway, one she described as “fresh, warm and absolutely delicious”.

The contentious question with scones is jam first or cream first. From the illustrations, it looks as though she puts the jam on first and then the cream, the Cornish way. Good to know!

[1] https://www.nationaltrustscones.com/