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Toilet Of The Week (27)

The Japanese are making a bit of a splash about being leaders in toilet technology. The latest is a see-through toilet, using coloured glass. Very pretty they look, too, and several have been installed in two parks in the commercial district of Tokyo, known as Shibuya.

The idea is that they enhance the public space, giving a feel-good factor, something that the rather squalid utilitarian blocks you associate with public carseys fail to do. As an added bonus, at night they light up the park “like a beautiful lantern”. You can also see whether the toilet is clean and, perhaps more importantly, whether anyone is occupying the trap, two of the biggest bugbears, according to the design team, of anyone wanting to use the facilities.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, when someone enters the toilet, the glass, which is smart (natch), becomes opaque. For those brave enough to have used them, they are not convinced, as they cannot tell whether the glass has become opaque or whether they are on display to the world at large.       

Notwithstanding some kickback, there are plans to install more of them.