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Bender Of The Week (4)

Heard the one about seven priests walking into a pub? They entered the City Arms in Cardiff – it sold a decent pint of Brains SA when I last went there – dressed up in their full clerical gear. As the Church of England has recently voted to let priests dress down and ditch their robes for services, the bar man naturally thought they were a stag party. The City Arms is one of those pubs, thankfully there are a few around, that ban stag parties and so the holy septet were shown the door, all the while protesting their innocence.

The story has a happy ending as the pub’s manager realised the mistake and chased after them. The priests, who were celebrating the elevation of two of their party to the deaconship, were invited back for one on the house, an offer which they gratefully accepted. The assembled topers celebrated this act of charity by breaking out into applause. One of the ranges of beers in the Brains portfolio is called the Rev James and, inevitably, one of the party was a certain Rev James.

The manager’s place in heaven has been secured!

Moral of the story – if you want a free pint in the City Arms, dress as a priest.