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Service Of The Week

I had always considered some elements of social media as a solution looking for a problem. The Coronavirus pandemic may be just that problem. It is prompting many reluctant silver surfers to embrace the technology in order to communicate with the outside world and to stay sane.

There are bound to be some teething problems as the 61-year-old vicar of St Budeaux Parish Church in Plymouth, Simon Beach, experienced when he decided to record his first virtual service via YouTube. Warming to the wisdom and beauty of his sermon, he leant forward and exclaimed “Oh dear, I’ve just caught fire”.

Being on fire for Jesus his sleeve had brushed against the flame of a candle, burning a hole in his pullover and sleeve, but not his skin.   

Better luck next time. Practice makes perfect.

Christmas Tip Of The Week

You’ve probably been here. You’ve carefully selected your Christmas gifts for your loved ones and now the challenge is to wrap the wretched things up. If you are like me, all fingers and thumbs, it is an exercise that tries the patience of a saint – the sellotape folds up on itself, the piece of paper you have carefully cut is too short, ends come unstuck etc. If nothing else does, it’s enough to drive you to the Christmas Sherry.

Never fear, help is at hand, courtesy of this video posted on YouTube by BeatTheBush, which reveals a nifty way to accomplish the task. Can’t help thinking, though, that the solution to it all is to buy boxes.

I will be interested to see if it works.