Pizza Of The Week (3)

If you like a cheesy pizza, perhaps the place to go to is Déliss’ Pizza in Lyon as chef Benoït Bruel has recently created a 12-incher complete topped off with 254 varieties of cheese. This comfortably beat the previous world record of 154 cheese toppings set by Australian chef, John Di Francesco.

Bruel has not released a list of all the ingredients but cheese cognoscenti claim that the pizza contains, inter alia, Tomme Artisanale Suisse de la Venoge aux truffes, Rocamadour, Manigodine, La Vieielle Louche, Quattrocento, raclette, Picolin, Comté 9 mois, an eight-month Comté 8, and Chaource. There is a video showing Bruel meticulously sampling and weighing each cheese ingredient, all sourced in la belle France.

The resulting pizza weighed an astonishing more than one-and-a-half pounds, cost about €1,000 to make and slices were sold to lucky punters for around €50 each.

I will never look at a quattro formaggi in the same way again.

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