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Toilets Of The Week (3)


While what we sniffily call developing nations revel in their ability to provide modern public conveniences, we continue to close them down. But where the public sector fails, private enterprise is poised to step in.

Take James Atherton. The London-based builder owns a stand-alone karsey inside a block of flats at the bottom of Highgate West Hill which has been unused for many years. Prompted by the plans to close the public toilets in Pond Street he has put his facility on the market at £20,000 for a 20 year lease or to let at £3,000 a month.

Atherton is hoping that a group of bus drivers, deprived of the opportunity to make a pit stop, will snap his hand off but as I write he has had no firm offers. Anyone buying or renting the bog will have to maintain it themselves.

To add to the attraction of the facility, he claims that it can double up as a storage room. Just hope he is not taking the piss!


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