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Product Of The Week


Stuck for a gift for the man who has everything? Well, look no more.

An enterprising company has launched a flatulence deodorant pad known as a GON or Gas Odour Neutraliser which, they claim, can absorb up to 100 farts – should last a couple of days then. Its advert, available on YouTube in Hindi, shows a woman talking about her husband’s wind problems which are cured when she hands him the fart pad. According to their website it is easy to use, easy to dispose of and easily fits to your undergarments.

Its Facebook page helpfully gives examples of when wearing the pad might come in handy, like travelling in a lift or in a car or on a date. Probably best to wear it all the time, methinks.

But odour, surely, is only part of the problem. There is no suggestion that it will act as a deadener of sound. Wonder if it will catch on?


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