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Sporting Event Of The Week


While many people’s attention has turned to the Narcolympics being held in Rio my interest was piqued by a much lower key event held last weekend at the Frognerbadet water park in Oslo – the dodsing world championships.

For the uninitiated competitors perform what might be termed a belly flop from a 10 metre diving board into a pool. The aim is to keep the body as flat as possible for as long as possible and then curl your body just before hitting the water. Marks are awarded for the speed, height and power in the jump off the platform and the resulting distance in the pool, style in the air, how wide the body is spread, the landing and how late the curl is – too late and injury may result – and the spray from the impact.

Held since 2008 this year’s winner was a teenager, Truls Torp. Now that’s what I call sport.


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