Sex Aid Of The Week

Are any male members in my readership looking to add a bit of pep into their lovemaking? Having trouble getting an erection? I may have the answer for you.

Viagra, of course, should be available over the counter this spring but that may be old hat, if a report I read this week is to be believed.

Scientists at University College Hospital in London have developed a gel whose key ingredient is nitroglycerin which is highly unstable and explosive in liquid form. All you have to do is rub the gel on your todger.

In trials conducted by the scientists led by Consultant Urologist, David Ralph, they found that it worked 12 times faster than Viagra and cured seven out of ten cases of impotence. Within five minutes 44% of the men who tested the gel had an erection.

Women, you have been warned.

There is only one downside – it leaves you with a head ache. Perhaps there is a bit of a bang going on, after all.


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