Café Of The Week (2)

I’m partial to a faggot, balls made of minced off-cuts and offal, swimming in a sea of onion gravy. In these more politically correct times they seem to have been relabelled as meat balls but faggots they were when I had them as a child for school dinners and faggots they will remain, as far as I’m concerned.

Jo Evans-Pring is the owner of Fanny’s Rest Stop Café in Newport in South Wales and faggots are on the menu. In an attempt to drum up custom, the enterprising Jo ran some adverts on Google and noticed that sales were increasing, especially of her faggots, amusingly dubbed Fanny’s faggots. To consolidate her success, she posted a photo of a delicious plate of faggots replete with peas and gravy.

That is where her troubles began.

The censors at Google, happy to allow extremist propaganda and pornographic content through with nary a comment, wrote to Jo, pointing out that her photo of the faggots had been removed for containing “inappropriate and offensive content”.    

Jo saw red. Still, there’s no such thing as bad publicity and sales continue to rocket. Try some, if yu get a chance, they are delicious.

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