Pastry Of The Week

Just to set the record straight, the twelfth night of Christmas, the day by which all Christmas decorations should be taken down, is on January 5th, while Epiphany is on January 6th. According to the Christian calendar, Epiphany marks the day when the three wise men, bearing their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, visited the baby Jesus.

In some Catholic countries, it is a public holiday and in Mexico, they celebrate with a special pastry called a rosca de reyes or Three Kings’ Bread. It is oval in shaped, designed for communal dining, and is often topped with figs, quinces, ccherries or dried and candied fruits.

There is a competitive spirit amongst Mexican towns to see who can bake the longest rosca. The record was smashed in 2019 by the city of Saltillo, whose rosca measured a whopping 6,776.3 feet long.

Not to be outdone, a team of bakers from the Yucatecan city of Tizmin joined forces to create their own whopper. And what a whopper it was, measuring an astonishing 9,874 long. They now hold the Guinness World record for the longest bread line in the world.

For how long, though? Watch this space next year!

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