Feat Of The Week (3)

We have met Malaysian, Ashrita Furman, before in 2018, when he cut through 26 watermelons placed on his stomach with a machete in a minute.

He has just set another Guinness World Record in Karambunai, Sabath, by chopping through 50 watermelons with a machete inside 60 seconds. The fruits were placed on the head of his very trusting friend, Homagni Baptista.

Alas, I don’t know whether they are still friends or whether it was the same machete. I would love to know.

One thought on “Feat Of The Week (3)”

  1. Not mentioned is how the melons were successivly placed upon the friend’s head and, perhape more importantly, by whom: said operative would need to work swiftly and accurately in order not to emerge with fewer hands that he started with.

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