Covid-19 Tales (13)

I recently qualified for a Senior Citizen’s bus pass and the application process required me to provide a digital photo of my face. It struck me as a bit odd as if and when I board a bus, all the driver will see of me is a mask with a pair of spectacles atop. Perhaps the pass needs two photos, one with and one without a mask.

At least face coverings provide an opportunity for expressing a degree of individualism. Take the man who was spotted on board a bus from Swinton to Manchester, wearing a light brown serpent with diamond=shaped markings wrapped around his mouth and neck. The snake, which was alive, seemed unconcerned about it being used as an impromptu mask, although it might have gained some insight as to its fate when it died, and the other passengers found it amusing.

Not so Transport for Greater Manchester. A spokesperson advised that although there was “a small degree of interpretation” in the matter of face coverings, “we do not believe it extends to the use of snakeskin – especially when still attached to the snake”.

Spoilsports! At least he was wearing a covering, until it slithered off, that is. Back to the drawing board, methinks.

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