Public Health Message Of The Week

For those of us wracked with pangs of conscience as further lockdown restrictions see us inexorably slip into a life of sloth and indolence, help is at hand from a public health video released by the German authorities.

It features an old man by the name of Anton Lehmann who reminisces, as old men are wont to do, about the service he performed for his country during the 2020 pandemic. He was then a 22-year-old engineering student and, to the accompaniment of stirring violins, the film shows him as a young man.

Anton continues. “Suddenly the fate of the country lay in our hands. So we mustered all our courage and did what was expected of us, the only right thing. We did nothing. Days and nights we stayed on our backsides at home and fought against the spread of the coronavirus. Our couch was the front-line and our patience was our weapon”.  

The ad, which you can see by following the link below, ends with the message, “you too can become a hero by staying at home”.

A punchy, ironic twist on an important message which puts our government’s facile attempts to shame.

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