Theft Of The Week (8)

The highlight of many a TV programme or a movie is a car chase where one vehicle desperately attempts to elude the attentions of the other, a chase involving high drama, tension and spills and thrills. Such chases, fortunately, are rarities outside of the entertainment studios but a gang of thieves found themselves being pursued down the A6 towards Lyon, initially by the owner of the luxury hotel, the Domaine de Rymska Saint-Jean-de-Trézy, situated 30 miles from Beaune, and then by a police patrol car.

The thieves had got away with a haul of grands crus Burgundy wines from the cellars of the hotel, estimated to be worth €350,000. The previous day thieves had got away with €200,000 worth of fine wines from the cellar and the hotelier was understandably keen to bring them to justice. As the police car gained ground, the thieves laid their hands on the nearest objects they could find and aimed them at the pursuing car’s windscreen.

Of course, the nearest objects to hand were some bottles of grand crus. What a waste. They missed their target and no one was injured. The chase came to an end when the thieves crashed into a road toll barrier some 22 miles north of Lyon and legged it. The police are looking for at least three men.

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