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Trends Of The Week


I’m always on the look-out for trends which are engaging the yoof of today and here is one to bring to your attention. Beards from below will delight pogonophiles and fill pogonophobes with disgust. For those of us with beards it is quite simple – it involves putting your head right back and taking a selfie of your neck and that part of your beard between neck and chin. For added excitement you could draw two eyes, a nose and a mouth on the neck below your beard line.

There is a site (natch) where you can post your photo – #beardsfrombelow – and the images are quite startling. Perhaps Beaker from the Muppets will make a comeback.

In the interests of sexual equality, here’s one for the ladies, although I can’t help thinking that it is more designed for men to ogle at. You must have seen those cheesy pictures of male anglers proudly showing off their latest catch. #fishbras specialises in pictures of female anglers showing off their latest catch whilst holding it against their chest, disrobed or otherwise.

It takes all sorts.


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