Dish Of The Week (2)

I like a nice steak, but I think I will give the Ouroboros steak a miss. If you don’t know the symbolism of the Gnostic philosophers, a pretty niche subject I have to admit, the ouroboros portrayed a snake engaging in autophagy by eating its own tail, a symbol that was initially used a millennium or so earlier by the Egyptians.

Said to be a critique of laboratory-grown food, the Ouroboros steak kit would allow users to grow miniature steaks from their own cells. The idea of a scientist, Andrew Pelling, an artist, Orkan Telhan, and an industrial designer, Grace Knight, it has created sufficient interest to be nominated for the Design of the Year award by London’s Design Museum.

Two things to clear up: the kit is little more than a twinkle in the fevered minds of the trio and autophagy or eating yourself does not technically class as cannibalism. The latter may be a fine line many of us would not want to cross.

In a year which has taught us to pay closer attention to the provenance of our foodstuffs, they make a fair point, but I do not see it replacing a nice rump steak anytime soon.

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