Wedding Carriage of The Week

It was not quite the entrance they had anticipated, but Akash and Aishwarya, healthcare workers at a hospital in Chengannur in the Indian state of Kerala, made the best of what would otherwise have been a bad job.

The torrential rains, which have wreaked havoc on the state, causing flooding, landslides and at least 27 dead, left the streets surrounding the small temple where their ceremony was to be held, flooded. Unable to get there by car, they decided that the only way to get to the temple on time was to sail.

The only problem was that they did not have a boat. Showing the innovative spirit for which the Indians are renowned, they used the next best thing, a large aluminium cooking pot. Video footage shows them squeezed tightly inside the pot while two men and a photographer paddled them down the submerged street.

All’s well that ends well. They arrived safe and dry at the temple in Thalavady, which too was partially flooded, where they exchanged the floral garlands that Hindu custom demands.

Love will always find a way.

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